Inside CNET Labs Podcast 90: A brief history of Cybertron

Stephen Hawking, politics, and no porn on the iPhone.

Eric Franklin Former Editorial Director
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Eric Franklin

The Transformers cartoon predicted it, and now Stephan Hawking has confirmed our inevitable doom. Transformers World 2005

No porn on the iPhone says Mr. Jobs, and, according to Steve, Android phones have porn aplenty. Sounds like he's encouraging users to go there for all their pornographic needs. How nice of him.

Then, war, resources, Stephen Hawking, and Cybertron. How are these things related? A better question is, how are they not related?!

Finally, a throwback to some of our 2008 episodes where we got mad political. Hey! If we get a political question in, we're going to answer it! What?! "Righteously indignant"? No, that's Dong's job.

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