Inside CNET Labs 7: Dong's super...thanks for asking

Dong has something to tell us about his current state of mind. What's another word for "happy"? Also, vendor troubles and listener mail.

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Eric Franklin

In this week's episode, Dong has something to tell us about his current state of mind, and I think he makes several passes at me, but you'll have to listen to be sure. He's just feeling quite "happy" today.

Also, Dong talks about the problems he's currently facing with a vendor over a recent review. It's an exciting tale of mystery and intrigue, romance and action. Well maybe not, but it passes the time.

Finally, we finally answer some mail on the air. Thanks for sending them in and keep em coming and we might make this a regular part of the show.

Update (8:28 p.m. PDT): We've uploaded a new version of the episode, and this time it's a COMPLETE file. For some reason the uploader has been acting pissy today. We're terribly sorry to everyone for the inconvenience! Just remember to blame Dong and Vietnam. That's what I do.

Also big ups to Bob C. for alerting us. Thanks Bob!

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