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Inside CNET Labs 60: "He will make you listen, then not teach you anything."

Shoes, WoW, gamer girls, and test beds in this week's episode.

Bow to yer Sensei!! Fox Searchlight

Hey guys. If you're listening to this episode and it sounds like Dong and I have been taking hits of helium, I recommend you try downloading the file again. A new, more normal sounding one was just uploaded. Sorry about that! And no, you're not tripping.

Ladies (all five of you) and gentlemen, welcome back to the greatest show on Earth! You could be anywhere else in the world, but you're here with us. And we appreciate it.

Anyway, this week we talk girls. Or to be more specific, girl gamers. Or even more specifically, girls that are gamers but don't know they're gamers. Yeah, them. We talks bout 'em.

Then, why we play WoW (World of Warcraft to the two of you that don't know). Dong and I argue about the reasons we play WoW. Dong feels obligated. I do not. I play because it's fun. That makes me the better person, so I win. Also, the story of Arthas Menethil restores Eric's WoW passion, once again.

Then, shoes. Dong and I talk shoes. Specifically Five Finger shoes. Haven't heard of them? Neither had I until about a week ago. Now, I'm obsessed.

Also, more Windows 7 and Snow Leopard talk! Yay! Yeah, we're really milking this OS talk thing, or maybe I'm being a little too self-conscious about it? I don't know. I just feel we've talked about this a lot lately. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Also, our test beds need upgrading. Big time! We discuss that and what that means for you, the loyal listener. Yeah, you.

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