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Inside CNET Labs 56: Bing bang

Dong and I talk all about my wedding, Idiocracy, and Windows 7 64-bit.

We are huge fans of binging as well and banging. Gut Records

We're back live! Or as live as we ever get, which is about three days old actually. So, yeah, LIVE!

First off, we get into an impromptu conversation about Bing, the past tense of Bing and how such tense is rife with comic possibilities. What follows is our attempt to exploit this.

After that, we discuss the movie "Idiocracy." I finally got a chance to see it and promptly perched myself upon my soapbox. That's fair warning to you and your loved ones.

For technology this week, we're all over Windows 7 64-bit. Dong holds the OS over the volcano's edge to truly know it.

Listener mail this week consists Vietnamese guys changing their names, the nature of being a man, and DVD backup, aka digital theft!! You heard it here first.

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