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Inside CNET Labs 53: Where the hell did my menu go?!

Episode 53 of the Inside CNET Labs podcast guest stars Leslie Katz from Crave.

Still getting used to this thing. Eric Franklin/CNET

Two weeks, two guests! We're on a roll here as we welcome our second guest in two weeks, Senior Editor for Crave, Leslie Katz.

Leslie comes on to discuss what it's like working with the Martin and Lewis of the tech world (according to Brian Cooley), aka Dong and I. We chat about the joys and sorrows--mostly Leslie's sorrows--of attempting to edit the stories we write. And by "write," I mean copy and paste from press releases.

Also, magic wands enter the discussion somehow as Dong and I are forced to answer the "what would we do with a real magic wand" question. If I had a dollar for every time the question came up...

Then, Dong and I have a lengthy Windows 7 discussion, concerning testing, performance and what defines a dual-boot system.

Finally, listener mail--where we avoid answering any useful questions--and a new contest! You'll have to listen to find out what you'll win and what you'll have to do to win it. We promise it'll be most states.

Note: If you're having trouble getting the correct version of episode 53 in iTunes, delete the correct Ep. 53, unsubscribe from the podcast, then resubscribe and the correct version of 53 should then download. Sorry bout the inconvenience guys.

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