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Inside CNET Labs 25: Of NAS and mapped networks

Episode 25 of The Inside CNET Labs Podcast.

Even though we don't actually talk about Nas, Dong does get all Illmatic as always.

Another short, but incredibly worldchangingly (look it up people) awesome episode in the can. First off, we have a very strange deja vu-ish intro that, if you've been listening closely to previous episodes, will sound strange and deja vu-ish to you as well.

After that, we briefly touch on the pseudo-fakery that is Bike Hero and Dong gets illmatic with NAS. LOL, not that Nas all you hip hop fans out there. No, I mean networked attached storage. I can understand why you'd get the two confused--what with the picture used for this episode and all--but seriously, try to pay attention.

It's straight downhill from there into audio debauchery as the we discuss incredibly interesting topics like our personal computer problems, haunted hard drives and the EMF.

Things take a weird turn toward the end as Dong discusses his many World of Warcraft boyfriends. No seriously. If you haven't noticed already...yeah Dong is insane and this story is just further proof of his insanity and why he must be stopped.

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