Inside CNET Labs 18: Anyway...

Episode 18 of the Inside CNET Labs Podcast

Eric Franklin
Eric Franklin Former Editorial Director
Eric Franklin led the CNET Tech team as Editorial Director. A 20-plus-year industry veteran, Eric began his tech journey testing computers in the CNET Labs. When not at work he can usually be found at the gym, chauffeuring his kids around town, or absorbing every motivational book he can get his hands on.
Expertise Graphics and display technology. Credentials Once wrote 50 articles in one month.

And we're BACK!! NBC

This week we get started with a very heartwarming and inspiring tale of Dong and and his little sisters as they traversed miles and miles to reach slave mines in Vietnam 27 years ago.

Then we learn a bit about monitor panel technology and why your monitor vendor doesn't want you to know what kind of panel is in your display.

Here's a very useful site for figuring out what time of panel is in your display.

After that, it's fun with system glut! Dong gives us some tips on how to best alleviate new system lag. Cut out the fat!

Finally a little listener mail. Not very exciting stuff, but we make it worth listening to.

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