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IMlogic ups shields against IM threats

New product moves beyond signature-based protection to analyze instant-messaging traffic for unknown worms and other pests.

IMlogic is pooling its customers' systems to do real-time scanning of instant-messaging traffic in an effort to stop IM worms in their tracks.

With its Real-Tine Threat Protection System, IMlogic says, it is moving beyond traditional signature-based protection that stops pests based on patterns of known threats. The new system analyzes instant messages and will block a potential attack before it propagates, said Jon Sakoda, chief technology officer at IMlogic.

"One of the challenges we face is that outbreaks occur very quickly and often before signature files are deployed," Sakoda said. Now protection can be offered before any user gets infected and hours before signature updates are provided, he said.

RTTPS uses predictive analyses, network anomaly detection and known threat profiles. The system assesses potential risk and applies filters to identify and block a potential attack, Sakoda said. IMlogic claims to be the first IM security vendor to offer such protection.

Threats to instant messaging are on the rise, according to vendors of IM security. IMlogic said it identified 1,158 threats to instant messaging and peer-to-peer users in the first eight months of this year, an increase of 1,968 percent compared to last year. The threats are not only more frequent, but attackers are increasingly morphing their software to circumvent security measures and trick users.

RTTPS is an add-on to IMlogic's IM Manager. Existing customers can try the feature at no cost for six months. For new customers the predictive threat detection and blocking costs $10 per user per year. Volume discounts are available.