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Hackers for Hillary gets boost from Trump comments

Politicians and hackers don't often mix. But a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton held during the Black Hat hackers conference is reportedly a hit.

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Samantha Rhodes
Hillary Clinton

Hackers for Hillary met in Las Vegas for a fund-raiser.

David Becker/Getty Images

Talk about a comment backfiring. Donald Trump continues to face fallout after saying he hopes Russian hackers find Hillary Clinton's "missing" emails.

At a press conference in Florida last month, the Republican presidential nominee said he hopes Russia tracks down 30,000 personal emails that Clinton deleted during her tenure as secretary of state. Trump's campaign later said the candidate was being sarcastic.

Trump's comments may have convinced some cybersecurity experts to rally behind Clinton.

Around 60 security professionals attended a Hackers for Hillary event, held Wednesday night at the Black Hat hackers conference in Las Vegas, reported the Guardian. The group raised about $30,000.

The part that might nettle Trump is the event didn't gain steam until after his proposal to Russia.

"Maybe 12 people had RSVP'd until then," Jake Braun, CEO of Cambridge Global Advisors and co-organizer of the event, told the Guardian. "It went through the roof after that. It really helps when you have Donald Trump giving Russia a pass on hacking our democracy."

Hackers and politicians don't often mix, but the recently unveiled breach of the Democratic National Committee's computer network shows it may become increasingly necessary.

The Clinton and Trump campaigns did not respond to requests for comment.