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DeviceWall update improves USB port security

New version also protects against USB drives that attempt to bypass removable media lockdown protection by disguising themselves as CDs.

The Universal Serial Bus port on a PC could be a backdoor into an enterprise network, or a way for sensitive data to be taken out of a company. To give IT managers more control over devices connected to USB ports, Centennial Software on Tuesday plans to release DeviceWall 3.1. The software, installed on clients, helps organizations control access of devices such as MP3 players, memory sticks and personal digital assistants, the company said.

The updated DeviceWall software includes protection against a risk posed by USB drives that attempt to bypass USB removable media lockdown policies by disguising themselves as CDs, according to Centennial. The update also adds new reporting capabilities to help IT managers determine the risks of devices connecting to their network. The software tracks what devices are being used, where they are connected and who's using them. DeviceWall 3.1 is free for a 30 trial, after which it costs $10 per user.