Convicted Ukrainian hacker starts political party

Former hacker "the script" creates the Internet Party of Ukraine.

Would you hire a former criminal hacker? Better question: would you elect a former criminal hacker to political office?

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Credit goes to Brian Krebs over at the Washington Post's Security Fix blog for recognizing that Dmitri Ivanovich Golubov, a 24-year-old from Odessa, has started the "Internet Party of Ukraine." Golubov, whose hacker nickname is "Script," was arrested and even jailed in 2005 in connection with, a site that bought and traded credit and debit card credentials. After only six months in prision, Ukrainian politicians convinced a judge to set Golubov free.

What's really interesting, as Krebs points out, is that should Golubov gain a seat in the Ukrainian government, that position would grant him automatic immunity from prosecution for criminal activities under Ukrainian law.