CIA reveals what was on Osama bin Laden's computer

Yes, alongside a beheading video, the huge cache of files includes the "Charlie Bit My Finger" meme and a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon.

The CIA has revealed more of the wide range of files on Osama bin Laden's computer.
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You just can't help but wonder what Osama bin Laden's reaction was to the "Charlie Bit My Finger" video. The famous viral clip was one of the files on a computer recovered by US special operations forces during the 2011 mission that resulted in the death of the al-Qaida founder.

The CIA on Wednesday released nearly 470,000 files found on bin Laden's computer after the raid on his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Other files recovered in the raid were released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in May 2015, March 2016 and January 2017.

"Today's release of recovered al-Qaida letters, videos, audio files and other materials provides the opportunity for the American people to gain further insights into the plans and workings of this terrorist organization," CIA Director Mike Pompeo said in a press release.

Among the cache files are bin Laden's personal journal, a video of the beheading murder of American hostage Jack Hensely, kids' cartoons like "Tom and Jerry," several Hollywood movies, three documentaries about himself and a military guide to guerilla warfare apparently issued by the US Marine Corps.

The materials "provide insights into the origins of fissures that exist today between al-Qaida and ISIS," the CIA said, adding that they also illustrate "strategic, doctrinal and religious disagreements within al-Qaida and its allies" and "hardships that al-Qaida faced at the time of bin Laden's death." 

There are some files from the collection that remain unreleased, including pornography, copyrighted materials and files that "directly damage efforts to keep the nation secure," the CIA said.

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