China cracks down on mobile app developers

The country's internet regulatory arm announces that developers must add real-name registration and save activity logs for users.

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Kent German

If you use mobile apps in China, the government will be watching.

Taylor Martin/CNET

The Chinese government is expanding its strict internet monitoring efforts into one of the most widely used features of today's smartphone, mobile apps.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Cyberspace Administration of China posted new regulations for mobile app developers on its website today. They include keeping a record of user activity for 60 days, establishing the identity of users with real-name registration, monitoring and reporting banned content and seeking user consent before collecting personal information and location data.

Designed to combat pornography, terrorism and other illegal activity, the regulations will apply to both domestic and foreign developers, including Apple. Google, which makes the Android mobile software, however, currently does not operate its app store in China.