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Google's VirusTotal Uploader now available for Macs

Previously available as a Web app or a Windows app, Google's VirusTotal tool for scanning suspicious files is now available for Mac OS X.

It just got easier for Mac users to scan suspicious files. Yesterday, Google released a version of its VirusTotal Uploader for Macs, a utility that lets you drag and drop files to scan suspected malware with over 50 antivirus apps.

Anyone can use the VirusTotal website to upload and scan a file, but the VirusTotal Uploader app provides drag-and-drop ease. It had been available for Windows users, and now Mac users running OS X 10.8 or 10.9 can now use it. You can download the app directly from the VirusTotal website.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The app lets you drag and drop files to upload and analyze. It will show if any of the 50 or so antivirus apps it features detects anything suspicious. After VirusTotal finishes scanning a file, it provides a link that will show you additional analysis, including which specific antivirus apps have raised a red flag.

In addition to dragging and dropping files to the VirusTotal Uploader to initiate a scan, you can also right-click on a file and select VirusTotal Uploader via the Open With menu option to scan a file.

Via The Next Web.