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Beware the Internet Explorer security bug

A security flaw in Microsoft’s Web browser makes it possible for hackers to hijack computers, AOL warns users to change passwords after a cyberattack, and Skype stops charging for group video chats.

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In today's tech-news roundup, learn about the Internet Explorer security vulnerability and how a hacker can use the flaw to take over your computer. It's best to just use another browser until Microsoft can patch the problem. (Even the US government is advising people to stop using IE until the bug is fixed.)

That's not the only bad news. AOL is urging millions of email users to change passwords and security questions after a large amount of accounts were compromised by hackers. You may have noticed some of your AOL friends sending spam recently, but this goes beyond the annoyance of spam and spoofing. These hackers were able to see personal profile info, like your home mailing address, answers to security questions, and contacts from address books. AOL is investigating the cyberattack and will notify the affected account holders.

But it's not all doom and gloom in this episode. Microsoft is no longer charging Skype users for group video chats. It used to cost $10 a month to access group calls in Skype Premium. But it doesn't make sense for Microsoft to charge for a service that Google offers for free.

And as if there wasn't enough video to stream, Microsoft said it will begin pushing out original TV shows to Xbox owners, beginning in June. You may have already heard about the Halo series produced by Steven Spielberg, but Microsoft also shared details about 11 other programs. Now we'll just have to wait to learn if an Xbox Live subscription is required to view the shows. (I'd bet on it.)

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CNET Update: Beware the Internet Explorer security bug