Amy Schumer honored as most dangerous celebrity online

Cybercrooks might use the "Trainwreck" star to bait you.

Be careful where you click.
Jeff Spicer, Getty Images

Google Amy Schumer's name and you might get more than her in-your-face humor.

The "Trainwreck" star topped Intel's annual list of most dangerous celebrities online, the chipmaker said on Wednesday. Intel Security found internet surfers had a 16 percent chance of reaching a site carrying malware or viruses if they searched for the work of the unabashed comedian, who doesn't shy away from discussing the most intimate details of her life.

Schumer's representatives didn't respond to an inquiry as to how the star felt about the honor.

Intel, which has been compiling the list for 10 years, said cybercriminals take advantage of our obsession with celebrity news to load up websites catering to that fascination with software that steals passwords and personal information.

Also on the list, Will Smith (13 percent risk), Rihanna (13 percent), Miley Cyrus (13 percent) and Daniel Tosh (12 percent).

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber (15 percent) finished No. 2 on the most-dangerous list. Presumably that's for more than computer infections.