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Adobe to plug Flash hole this week

Adobe Systems plans to fix numerous issues with Flash, Reader and Acrobat updates over the next few weeks, in lieu of its quarterly update, scheduled for July 13.


Adobe Systems said it will issue a patch for a critical hole being exploited in the wild by delivering an update for Flash Player by Thursday, and for Adobe Reader and Acrobat by June 29.

The update of Flash Player 10.x will support Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, while the date for the release of a Solaris version is still to be determined, Adobe said late Monday. Meanwhile, the Adobe Reader and Acrobat update to come in three weeks will support Windows, Mac, and Unix.

Adobe released the advisory late last week and said there had been reports of the hole being exploited to take remote control of computers.

"The June 29, 2010, security update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat represents an accelerated release of the next quarterly security update, originally scheduled for July 13, 2010," Brad Arkin, director of product security and privacy at Adobe, wrote in a blog post. "In addition to addressing CVE-2010-1297 (the latest vulnerability), the accelerated next quarterly Adobe Reader and Acrobat update will also resolve a number of responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities."