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Privacy, piracy and PlayStation in Girt by CNET Podcast 06

In this week's Girt by CNET, we cover Telstra's real-time data alerts, iiNet's ongoing legal battle with Dallas Buyers Club, just how much Aussies are willing to pay for legal downloads and NBN Co's new position on Fibre to the Home.

NBN Co have officially nixxed the FTTP rollout, so unless you've got it or were in advanced stages of installation, it's the wrong end of the multi-technology mix for you. Unless the suggested 'pay to upgrade' model comes to fruition.

We also take a look at just what Australians are thinking about the state of legal downloads in this country, and iiNet's current legal battle to defend the privacy of its customers who might be downloading things not-so-legally.

Telstra's new real-time data alerts have us asking whether they're a game-changer or a band aid, and we round things off with a quick look-in at the latest new hotness to hit Australian shores: PlayStation TV.

Girt by CNET episode 06

Comms Alliance Survey

NBN Co rollout update

iiNet and Dallas Buyers Club

Telstra's real-time alerts

PlayStation TV