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Printer reuses paper 500 times

But it costs nearly $10,000, and each sheet is almost $10

We do it, and we know you do too. We all make paper printouts even when we don't really need to. Finally, there's something that can help relieve the ensuing pangs of guilt: a printer that reuses paper up to 500 times.


The Toshiba B-SX8R uses thermal technology and reusable paper in a process that ZDNet UK explains this way: "The special glossy paper is inserted in a hopper and printed on as usual. Once used, the paper can be put in the same hopper and passed through the machine, and the ink will be erased."

The system sounds simple enough but, naturally, doesn't come cheap. The printer alone costs close to $10,000, and the special paper is almost $10 a sheet at present. Still, as Toshiba points out, costs could be recouped under the right circumstances. In the meantime, we're printing out more information we'll read later.