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Print, scan, copy, fax + Wi-Fi = $86 shipped

Need a business-class multifunction printer for your home, office, or home office? Lexmark's X6675 does the work of four machines and can print and scan without wires.

See you in hell, USB cables! The Lexmark X6675 multifunction works over Wi-Fi.

Multifunction printers are insanely handy. You can make copies--color copies--without having to run to Kinko's. You can send faxes like it's 1995. You can scan documents for electronic storage. Oh, and you can print.

Indeed, the only thing better than a multifunction printer is a wireless multifunction printer, one you can stick in a corner, a closet, or wherever. Like, say, the Lexmark X6675, which has for $85.99 shipped.

These are new units, not refurbs, and you don't have to monkey with any rebates. Nor do you need an Ethernet or USB cable (though it does support USB connections), as the X6675 works over Wi-Fi.

No mere entry-level all-in-one, the X6675 boasts some solid specs, including 25-page-per-minute black printing and 18-ppm color. It can print photos directly from a memory card and documents from a USB drive, and it can scan straight to the latter. It also features a 25-page auto document feeder for scanning and copying.

Unfortunately, the X6675 lacks an LCD for previewing photos and the like before printing. That's my only real complaint, as it reduces the unit's functionality as a standalone photo printer.

Still, you know how much I love wireless printers, and this would be pretty ideal for a home or small office. Nearly 30 users on rated it 4.5 stars out of 5--a damn good average. The Lexmark lists for $150, so you're getting quite the deal.