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Print or online: Where are your snapshots going?

When it comes to photo quality from compact cameras, everyone has different expectations generally based on how the photos will be used. So are you all online, still killing trees, or a little of both?

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Digital photos: Print or online?
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With photo quality from point-and-shoot cameras everyone has different expectations and it's fairly impossible to figure out what an individual person will love or hate. Because when it comes to photo quality, I'm not sure there is an "average" person.

Part of the problem is, people use their photos differently and what looks good at small sizes on a computer screen won't always make the best prints--especially if you decide to crop out a portion of your pictures. Some people don't care about softness and a little noise because they're strictly using pictures online, while others want perfect photos for making large prints and their Flickr account. Then there are the people that just take pictures and never print or share them in any way.

Or maybe this is all in my head and the vast majority of the public just cares that they got a shot so they can share it online and no one prints anything anymore. Please tell me: are you all online, still making prints, or a little of both?

While you're at it, let me know in the comments what your biggest gripe is--if any--with the photo quality from your compact camera.