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Print on the cheap with $64.99 laser is selling the Brother HL-2040 personal laser printer for $64.99, shipping included. You supply the USB cable.

Brother HL-2040 laser printer Brother

Sometimes good deals come by way of the morning paper. To wit: Wednesday's Staples insert lists the Brother HL-2040 laser printer for $69.99.

That's pretty good, but I wondered if any e-tailer could do better. Sure enough, has the same model for $64.99 shipped, and you don't have to pay that pesky sales tax. (Note: Actually, many states do require you to pay sales tax for Internet purchases, but few people know this and fewer still comply.)

The HL-2040 looks like a fine choice for homes and small businesses, as it can churn out about 16 pages per minute. That's according to CNET's review, which gave the printer a respectable 7.1 out of 10 rating. I wish it had network capabilities, but I can forgive that given the $65 price tag. (Plan on an extra $5 or so for a USB cable, not included.) Even if you already own an inkjet or multifunction printer, you'll love having a laser on hand for fast, cheap, razor-sharp document printing.