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Print on both sides with the Dell E310dw monochrome laser for $51.99

This compact, autoduplexing printer is also insanely cheap to operate, with replacement toner cartridges as low as $15. Plus: a new low on a sweet pair of AirPod alternatives.

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It's hard to believe a printer of this size can autoduplex!


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Dude, you're getting a Dell... printer

Need to crank out documents in your home office or small biz?

For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the Dell E310dw monochrome laser printer for $51.99 shipped (plus tax where applicable). I don't know how long this pricing will be in effect, but I'd like to think Dell won't run out of inventory on its own product.

Once upon a time, I saw this for $2 less, but it's still a steal at this price. Elsewhere, it's at least $83.

This ultracompact monochrome laser, which looks very much like similar models from Brother (and may indeed just be a rebranded one), offers 600-dpi output, a 250-sheet paper tray and multiple connectivity options: USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The latter includes Wi-Fi Direct support, which greatly simplifies printing from mobile devices.

Even more impressive, the E310dw includes an autoduplexer, meaning it can produce double-sided prints. That's really rare in a printer with a $52 price tag. By saving paper, you'll also save money and a wee bit of the environment.

Speaking of saving money, before buying any printer, you should always investigate the cost of consumables. Good news: replacement E310dw-compatible toner cartridges come cheap. Like, really cheap: Here's an example of a high-yield third-party cartridge for just $14.89.

CNET hasn't reviewed this model, so I'll turn you over to PC Mag's review from summer, 2015. Verdict: Except for less-than-stellar text quality, the E310dw is a superb small-office printer and an Editors' Choice winner.

As for user reviews, which you can find all over the place -- Amazon, Best Buy, Google, Staples and more -- they tend to average between 4 and 4.5 stars. The big complaint seems to be with wireless connectivity, both setup and consistency. I had issues with the latter myself, albeit with a different model (the E525w). Interestingly, following a recent router upgrade, the connectivity problems have disappeared. (YMMV, of course.)

Put simply, at $52, this is a stupid-good deal. Your thoughts?


Bonus deal: Yesterday I shared some ridiculously cheap sport earbuds. If those weren't wireless enough for you, you might enjoy today's rerun of another earbud deal.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can snag the Syllable D9X truly wireless earphones for $41.58 with promo code 7EYNIJKA. Price last time: $47.99. Reg. price: $79.99.

I wrote a whole post about these back in December, so check that out if you want the full scoop. I'm still in the camp that prefers a wire between the earbuds, but there's a cool factor here that can't be denied. If you grabbed a set of these last time, please let your fellow cheeps know what you think of them.