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No military credentials needed to use this Stargate

You might not jump to another world, but with this "working" 3D-printed Stargate, you can pretend.

This Stargate model moves and lights up, just like the real deal. Thingiverse

While it's impossible to jump to another solar system, you can still 3D-print a moving model of a Stargate, similar to the one in the hit movie of the same name.

The model has the same hieroglyphics as the cover stone in the Stargate film that translate into the words "million years into the sky is Ra Sun God sealed and buried for all time his Stargate."

Using a Printrbot Simple Metal, the creator 3D-printed a "working" Stargate using a design found on Thingiverse, with modifications made to incorporate an Arduino and a stepper motor.

"I've since made my remix of the Working Stargate available on Thingiverse, including the modified 3D model files I altered to allow for the electronics to be mounted, and the Arduino sketch that drives the project," YouTube user Carasibana wrote in the video description.

"I still need to tweak the dialing program to get the symbols to line up properly with the chevrons, but I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out," Carasibana wrote.

Those interested in printing out and making their own Stargate can find all the files on Thingiverse.