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Princess Leia's skimpy gold bikini sells for $96,000

Immortalized in countless cosplay tributes, an original version of Princess Leia's "slave" bikini outfit sells at auction for a high price.

This outfit leaves little to the imagination. Profiles in History

Princess Leia's shiny gold bikini outfit from her time with Jabba the Hutt now has a new owner. The outfit went up for auction on October 1 through auction house Profiles in History. The top-end estimate for the getup was $120,000, but it ultimately pulled in $96,000 (about £63, 275, AU$135,750).

The gold costume is made from painted urethane rubber, which doesn't sound like the most comfortable material you could have next to your skin.

This particular version of the costume was delivered to the set during filming of "Return of the Jedi" in 1983. It's considered "set used," but ultimately had to be sent back because Carrie Fisher lost a lot of weight during filming and needed a resized outfit.

The winner of the auction gets more than just the iconic wardrobe item associated with "Slave Leia." The lot included original molds, production slides, design drawings, photos, notes and Carrie Fisher's measurements.

The bikini was part of a larger Hollywood-themed auction that also included plenty more items from Star Wars and other famous franchises, films and TV shows.

Some of the items also on auction were a set of R2-D2's eyes from "A New Hope," Spidey suits from "Spider-Man 3," Arnold Schwarzenegger's leather jacket from "Terminator 2" and a pair of Marty McFly's Nike Mag shoes from "Back to the Future: Part II."

Profiles in History has not named the winner of the of the Princess Leia auction, so it's possible Jabba the Hutt entered the top bid.

(Via CNN)