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How to make Princess Leia's iconic metal bikini

"DIY Cosplay Shop" explains how to make the famous Star Wars costume. You'll need foam, moldable plastic and very little fabric.

Princess Leia's metal bikini from "Return of the Jedi" is one of the most popular costumes for female cosplayers, but store-bought costumes don't always fit perfectly.

On the latest episode of "DIY Cosplay Shop," do-it-yourself host Elizabeth Rage explains how to construct a custom-made version of the iconic outfit.

Rage uses craft foam, styrofoam balls, staples, paint, fabric, Velcro and a lot of hot glue.

There's very little sewing involved in the construction. Instead, Rage spends most of her step-by-step instructions gluing layers of foam and worbla -- a non-toxic thermoplastic that can be easily molded into wearable material perfect for costume making.

Previous "DIY Cosplay Shop" episodes have taught how to make costumes for "Corpse Bride," Robin from "Teen Titans," Elektra, the Enchantress from "Suicide Squad," a "Mad Max" Warboy and more.