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Prince: You can't get down with technology in your hand

In which the diminutive purple one plays a secret, impromptu four-hour concert in Hollywood, and rails against the death-grip of gadgetry.

Getting down is a little like getting up.

You have to free yourself from all mental concerns. You have to liberate yourself from your cocoon of safety. And you have to believe that once you start moving, the world will accept you for who you are.

How, though, can you possibly get down with a phone in your hand?

This philosophical question plagued Prince on Saturday night as he played a hush-hush concert at the Hollywood Palladium and was very preoccupied with technology.

As LAist reports, fans were greeted with this message at the door: "NO PHOTOS. PATRONS TAKING PHOTOS ARE SUBJECT TO EJECTION."

Moreover, during the four-hour epic he decided to offer a little funky feeling about those who go to concerts and spend the whole night taking pictures on their cell phones.

Prince sang: "Put your phone down. You can't get down with technology in your hand!"

He surely has a point. The presence of a gadget in one hand or other brings an imperfection to the hip-wiggle, the arm-wobble and most definitely to the head-waggle.

It's like a dollop of yogurt on your personal Mona Lisa of expression.

Prince doesn't object to all technology. Why, last week, he appeared on the Arsenio Hall show and helped a man break up with his girlfriend by phone.

However, Saturday night wasn't exactly the first time that Prince has railed against the blight of the gadget. When asked last year whether he owned an iPhone, he replied: "Hell, no."

Earlier this year, he tried to sue fans and Facebook users for $22 million for posting bootleg videos of his concerts.

There's a certain contrast between rock stars and their fans. The former sometimes take so many substances that they've no idea where they've been. The latter are desperate to tell everyone where they are at all times.

The former, I suspect, have more fun.