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Prince: An iPhone? Hell, no

The famous and very pretty musician expresses disdain for the idea of even owning a cell phone. Can this truly be?

He looks marvelous. Perhaps not having an iPhone helps. Billboard/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When it comes to gadgets that are truly cool and useful, little red Corvettes have status.

iPhones, sadly, do not.

This, at least, seems to be the view of very beautiful musician Prince, who claims not to own a cell phone at all.

In a quite moving interview with V Magazine, Prince regally dismisses the question of whether he owns an iPhone: "Are you serious? Hell, no."

He then went on to utilize his very fine, high-pitched voice to allegedly mimic not himself, but a woman.

He shrieked: "Where is my phone? Can you call my phone? Oh, I can't find it." Presumably he was suggesting that our dependency on such objects is diminishing our culture. Or, perhaps, forcing our voices an octave too high.

Indeed, the interviewer explains that at a Prince concert, even if you merely pull out your phone to, say, tell your mom you're going to be late tonight, you will be immediately tossed out by a bouncer.

Prince is not a recent convert to the Anti-Technological People's Party.

A couple of years ago, he gave an interview to the Guardian in which he dismissed the mere concept of ringtones.

Before that interview, the poor journalist was instructed by Prince's handlers to not broach the subject of the great (little) one's opinions of the Internet.

He admitted then that he "can't stand" digital music and insisted he didn't have a phone.

In his latest pronouncements, he explained that, in music, vinyl is still everything.

"It never left. Think about a young person listening to Joni Mitchell for the first time on vinyl. You know how fun that is? Whoa, we gonna be here a minute," he said.

If he truly does manage to function very happily without a cell phone, it isn't the case that he demeans all of technology.

Though he allegedly refuses to have his videos on YouTube, he does use various Web sites to promote his work. Here's one.

The loveliest element about Prince (and there are many) is that he has never seemed to pander to anyone or any genre.

It isn't easy being an individual these days. Especially when iPhones only come in a couple of colors.