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Smart Home

Prime Day Deal: Light your yard with 4 Ring Pathlights for under $100

These battery-powered, motion-activated lights were our favorite part of Ring's new outdoor smart lighting system.


The Ring Pathlight turns on whenever someone passes by -- and it can trigger your Ring cameras, too.


Amazon-owned home security startup Ring recently released a lineup of motion-activated smart lights for the outside of your home. All of them can turn on automatically when someone passes by -- and they can trigger your Ring cameras to start recording, too.

I liked some lights better than others when I tested the system out at the CNET Smart Home -- but my favorites of the bunch were Ring's battery-powered Pathlights. Just stick them anywhere in your yard where you'd like, no wiring required. From there, they'll light up whenever someone passes by -- and if you like, they'll trigger your Ring cameras to record and send alerts to your phone, too. If you've got young children, that might make them a great pick for the path that leads out to your pool or backyard pond.

At $30 each, the Pathlights are pretty affordable to begin with, but today, for Amazon Prime Day, you can nab a starter kit with 4 Ring Pathlights plus the mandatory Ring Bridge that controls them for a total of $95. That's almost half off the normal price, and just $15 more than the starter kit with 2 Pathlights and the Bridge usually sells for.

In addition to being programmable on your phone, Ring's smart lights work with Alexa, so you can turn them on with a quick voice command if you think you hear something outside at night. They also promise a motion detection range of 15 feet and a year's worth of battery life -- but note that the four D batteries each one requires don't come included.

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