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Pricier iMacs, dicier times

roundup As Apple raises iMac prices, Wall Street shakes its head and dealers shake their fists. Meanwhile, the company races to make its numbers as the quarter winds down.

As Apple Computer raises iMac prices, Wall Street shakes its head, dealers shake their fists and Mac enthusiasts keep their fingers crossed. Meanwhile, the company races to make its numbers in the waning days of the quarter.

iMac price increase not contagious
Rather than raise prices, other PC makers will likely reduce the amount of memory or change the hard drive in a given model.
March 21, 2002

Regret, ire greet pricier iMacs
If Apple CEO Steve Jobs was looking for a good place to deliver bad news, Tokyo may have been just far enough away from the company's California headquarters.
March 21, 2002 Is iPod angling to be device du jour?
Apple Computer's digital music player could begin to mature into a handheld and maybe more, say analysts and Mac enthusiasts.
March 21, 2002

Options add to CEO Jobs' $1 salary
New SEC filings reveal the Apple CEO's wages as well as those of other top executives at the company.
March 21, 2002

Prices of new iMacs going up
Apple reveals that rising costs of flat-panel monitors and memory--"with little relief in sight," an exec says--require it to boost iMac prices by $100.
March 20, 2002

New products on the horizon
The company will unveil the new iPod, which can be used as a digital organizer, and a flat-panel monitor at Macworld Expo Tokyo, according to sources.
March 20, 2002

Analysts: iMac woes mean "tight" quarter
Apple's supply problems with its new iMac likely mean the next few weeks will make or break the company's second quarter.
March 18, 2002