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Priceline to kill off Shatner--possibly during the Super Bowl

A new Priceline ad sends its Negotiator over a cliff, presumably never to return. The company says it might run the spot in the Super Bowl.

Time defeats us all. Surely, though, it is the height of bad taste for the Grim Reaper to come for you during the Super Bowl.

Yet that appears to be the fate awaiting William Shatner, as those nice people at Priceline send him plunging to his apparent death in their latest TV spot.

This is a time for the rending of garments. This is a time for weeping in the streets. This is not a time for a single Star Trek joke.

As the Associated Press sniffs it, the Shat--who has been manfully trying to send you off to places you want to go for less than you fear to pay for a fulsome 14 years--will be perched on a bus that is about to fall over a bridge.

How can they do this? CC Lostin Texas/Flickr

He will, apparently, rescue the passengers. However, he and the bus will plummet into the vast beyond, after a momentous explosion.

The last words of the Priceline Negotiator will reportedly be: "Save yourselves--some money."

The company told the AP it was considering running this spot during the Super Bowl, which sounds like a disturbing prospect.

While most children may have no idea who he is, why risk the tears and tantrums of grown-ups who had to see Captain Kirk die in 1994? Why make them relive an event that some of them still discuss with their psychologists, lovers and people they met gaming online?

Priceline is changing strategies, choosing now to sell fixed prices, rather than those negotiated by the some time Denny Crane. The company admits it is trying to, um, send Shatner out with a bang. There is pain, nonetheless.

"I'm in grief mode," Shatner told the AP. He will surely not be the only one. Whether it be the 49-ers or the Giants, the Patriots or the ditchwater-dull Ravens, surely exploding an icon in front of Tostitos-ravaged families will cause huge national torment and disruption.

One can only appeal to Priceline to reconsider this eerie intention. Unless, of course, the idea is to resurrect him at some future date. They wouldn't do that, would they?