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PriceGrabber exec: Do homework before gift-buying (podcast)

PriceGrabber President Steve Krenzer advises consumers to do their research before pulling the trigger on holiday gifts.

It seems as if everyone is looking for a holiday gift bargain this year, but the lowest price isn't always your best choice. To help consumers navigate their way through both online and brick and mortar stores, I spoke with President Steve Krenzer. President Steve Krenzer

"The best way to take advantage of the season is to prepare ahead," said Krenzer. "Have a good sense of what your objectives are, what your budget is, what types of items you're looking to buy and what are the must-have features versus nice to have features."

Krenzer said that this year "consumers are looking for everything." He added, we're seeing everything from a big interest in tablet computers all the way down to socks and pencils."

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