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Price Watch: Brother HL-2170W Wi-Fi laser printer down to $89.99 shipped

Down 10 bucks from just a few weeks ago, the Brother HL-2170W offers fast printing via USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi.

Remember the Brother HL-2170W from last month? It's a small-footprint, small-office laser printer that offers both Ethernet and Wi-Fi network connectivity. (USB, too.) Now it's 10 bucks cheaper, selling for just $89.99 shipped from It's a new unit, not a refurb, and you don't have to deal with any rebates.

My original post has all the deets you need on this printer, which remains a favorite in the Cheapskate household. It's rare enough to find an Ethernet-equipped laser in this price range, but one with Wi-Fi as well? The HL-2170W stands alone.