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Price Watch: 22-inch LCD, $149.99 shipped

The AOC 2216Sw has few bells or whistles, but it's new and rebate-free.

First time ever: A 22-inch LCD for $150, no rebates.

Hey, remember the 22-inch Optiquest monitor from earlier this week? It was $149.99 after a $20 mail-in rebate. Well, now you can get a comparable monitor for the same price with no rebate. has the AOC 2216Sw widescreen LCD for $149.99. Shipping is free.

Like the Optiquest, the AOC is actually a 21.6-inch monitor (big deal). Also like the Optiquest, it has only a VGA input--no DVI or HDMI. That's a letdown, but not a deal-breaker. Indeed, if you check the 35 user reviews on the product page, you'll see that most buyers positively loved the 2216Sw--it earned 4.5 stars out of 5.

Gotta love a big monitor for 150 bucks. Remember when getting one for under $200 was a big deal? If it sells out, which is a definite possibility, PC Connection has the same monitor for $155.43 shipped.