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Previews of the Krzr K1m

Previews of the Krzr K1m

We mentioned a slew of new Motorola phones about a month ago, including the much-anticipated Krzr K1 for GSM carriers (most likely Cingular) and the Krzr K1m for CDMA carriers (probably Sprint and Verizon). These successors to the Razr have been getting a lot of buzz, not only because of their design, but also because of features such as megapixel cameras and integrated music players. Phone Scoop has managed to get a first glimpse of the Krzr K1, and the pictures make it look even more enticing. While the pictures definitely indicate a Sprint affiliation, our contact at Sprint would not confirm if it would indeed release the Krzr K1m. Stay tuned for our own CNET review of the Krzr K1m once we get our hands on it. Until then, you can look at these pretty Krzr pictures and dream.