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Preview: Under the Radar's Office 2.0 conference

Just a few of the interesting companies we'll be watching tomorrow.

I'll be at the Under the Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters event all day on Friday, moderating one of the two demo tracks. Webware bloggers Josh Lowensohn and Erica Ogg will be at the event as well, scanning for interesting, small-business Web apps for you.

I won't be blogging from the show, although I may Twitter from the podium, just for kicks. My ID is "rafe" if you want to check. I am looking forward to shooting a video interview with Getting Things Done guru David Allen, and to shooting a "Best Of" video with the other bloggers after it's over.

Here are some of the highlights the team expects to report on from the conference:

    • MyPaymentNetwork looks like it has a good payment-processing solution for the sale of nonphysical goods, such as subscriptions and consulting services.

    • SlideAware has a very interesting service for sharing PowerPoint presentations--for the remote display of slide shows and to manage the creation and archiving of them. I got a preview and will write this one up very soon.

    • Tungle helps coordinate multiperson, multicompany meetings for Outlook users. It may ship before TimeBridge, which I got a killer demo of last year.

    • Cogenz is " for the enterprise." Does shared bookmarking work in a work group? We'll check it out.

    • Oddcast makes animated talking-head avatars for Web sites. Several businesses use the service to soften up their image. By way of demonstration, the company is making a talking-head version of me. It should be ready in a week or so; I'll post it on Webware when it is.

    • Firestoker wins the Best Slogan award: "A platform to enable the New Human Enterprise." I can't wait to see just what that means.

    • One of the last presentation slots of the day will see Web application rivals Zoho and Thinkfree giving back-to-back pitches. That should be entertaining, and we'll be sure to report on it.
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