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Press play: Gaming world congregates at E3

As Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft paint their visions of an online video gaming future, the industry starts asking questions about how it will work.


Gaming world congregates at E3 show

By CNET Staff
May 20, 2001, 11:00 a.m. PT

The annual gaming trade show will turn a spotlight on the growing wars among gaming incumbents Sony and Nintendo--and late-entry Microsoft with its long-awaited Xbox.

Beyond the noise at E3
reporter's notebook  The truth about the electronics show is that it's more like an absurdly overgrown Electronics Boutique, a non-stop array of video game kiosks where verbally impoverished young men play with cool new games.
May 19, 2001

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Sneak peek at GameCube
Peter Main, executive VP, Nintendo
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Microsoft aims at Sony with Xbox
Robbie Bach, chief Xbox officer, Microsoft
Game makers aren't playing favorites
Major software publishers are hedging their bets, creating games for multiple formats in hopes of establishing a foothold with whatever game console wins out.
May 18, 2001

Game machines tackle new jobs
Hardware makers plan to cram everything from Web browsing to movies into game consoles, but will consumers buy?
May 19, 2001

Do games and cell phones mix?
Several companies plan to push games onto cell phones, a potentially huge new market with equally daunting challenges.
May 19, 2001

Sega to whip up 10 titles for GameCube
The company, which scrapped its own Dreamcast game console earlier this year, will create 10 game titles for Nintendo's upcoming GameCube.
May 18, 2001

Playing up the online game market
As major hardware makers in the video game business paint their visions of an online future, the industry starts asking questions about how it will work.
May 18, 2001

E3 2001 guide Console makers still figuring out the Net
Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony executives square off at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show and ponder their consoles' future in online gaming.
May 17, 2001

Gaming giants go head to head
video  CNET hits the floor at the E3 conference, checking out the latest games and consoles for the growing entertainment market.
May 17, 2001

Matsushita to create hybrid GameCube
The company is to launch a version of Nintendo's upcoming game console that can play CDs and DVDs, debuting first in Japan and later in the United States.
May 17, 2001

Sony wants PS2 to conquer the living room
The consumer electronics giant is touting its PlayStation 2 console as the ultimate convergence device, capable of delivering everything from movies to e-mail.
May 16, 2001

Nintendo: GameCube will compete
update Company executives deflect speculation that the upcoming console will suffer because its hardware won't match the graphics horsepower of rival machines.
May 16, 2001

Xbox to hit shelves Nov. 8
update The long-awaited console will go on sale for $299; Microsoft says it will have 600,000 to 800,000 consoles at launch.
May 16, 2001

PlayStation wins more Net support
Graphics software maker Macromedia and network equipment giant Cisco Systems sign up to improve the Net access and features of Sony's gaming system.
May 16, 2001

RealNetworks finds home in PlayStation 2
update For Sony the alliance is a pre-emptive strike against Microsoft and its upcoming Xbox gaming system.
May 15, 2001