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Press day 2011 recap (photos)

Most of the major news at CES happens at the pre-show press conferences. That was doubly evident during 2011's press day, which featured a cavalcade of product news.

Motorola Xoom
The Motorola Xoom--one of the many Android tablets that were announced today. Josh P. Miller/CNET

LAS VEGAS--Officially, the Consumer Electronics show runs for four days. But the real action happens before the show, as the world's consumer electronics companies line up to tout their latest and greatest gadgets, products, and apps via a marathon of press conferences--every hour, on the hour.

This year was no exception: 2011's "day zero" yielded a data dump of unprecedented proportions from the industry's biggest names. We're still sorting through it all ourselves, but here's a photo overview--with relevant links to earlier stories--to help put it all into perspective. Among the recurring themes so far: tablets everywhere, Android on the rise, Microsoft and Intel on the defensive, ubiquitous mobility, and 3D back with a vengeance.

Click through to see products from Asus, LG, Netgear, Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft (which had two press events today), Sharp, Casio, Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola, and Sony. And keep in mind that this is just the beginning--we've still got several more days of reporting from the show floor.

Which forthcoming product are you most anticipating? And what product--or lack thereof--is already a disappointment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.