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Presidential debate brings back epic NSFW 'Silicon Valley' gag

It's been two years since the code hackers from HBO's hit series went tip-to-tip to teach us the brilliance of a "middle out" approach, until Hillary Clinton brought it back.

Fans of HBO's "Silicon Valley" did a double take tonight during the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton seemed to reference perhaps the series' most hilarious scene. You might even say it was a master stroke.

Twitter responded quickly Wednesday night when Clinton described her plan for the economy and creating more high-paying jobs.

"So what I am proposing is that we invest the middle out and the ground up," Clinton said.

This might all sound like pretty benign political rhetoric, but Pied Piper devotees will surely recognize the phrase "middle out" from a classic breakthrough scene in the show's second season.

You can watch the entire featurette above for a brief explanation of the totally NSFW concept, but let's just say that the phrase "middle out" was used to explain how the guys were inspired to create their magnum opus algorithm with a little inspiration from a truly inspired jerk, and for once I'm not talking about any politicians.