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Fly that lands on Hillary Clinton at debate starts internet buzzing

Numerous parody Twitter accounts fly into action after an insect makes itself at home on one candidate's face during the second presidential debate.

Only two candidates were supposed to be center stage for the second US presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis on Sunday night. But a solitary intruder, a fly, buzzed in, even landing noticeably on Hillary Clinton.

A number of Twitter parody accounts, with names like Hillary Clinton Fly and Debate Fly, immediately cropped up for the buzzing visitor, and the jokes, well, flew.

While Clinton's moment with the fly drew the most social buzz, some also noticed the fly was an equal-opportunity visitor.

Many viewers' thoughts flashed to HBO's "Westworld," in which a fly lands on an android character in the final scene of the first episode -- and meets a surprising end.

And some just saw the winged visitor as one more crazy happening in

a night full of them.