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Obama appoints retired general to new cybersecurity job

The appointment is part of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan announced in February.


This is Brigadier Gen. Gregory J. Touhill before he retired from the military in 2013.

President Obama has appointed the first Federal Chief Information Security Officer to "drive cybersecurity policy, planning and implementation across the federal government," the White House said in a blog post Thursday. The new hire is retired Brigadier Gen. Gregory J. Touhill.

Touhill, who served in the US Air Force, has most recently been working as deputy assistant secretary for cybersecurity and communications in the Department of Homeland Security. According to the blog post, Touhill will lead a team in the White House's Office of Management and Budget that will be "at the forefront of driving policy and implementation of leading cyberpractices across federal agencies." His team will also lead reviews to make sure that federal agencies are putting cybersecurity plans into place.

The appointment is part of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan, which Obama announced in February.