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Prescription Bottle Beer Holder cuddles cold ones

The Prescription Bottle Beer Holder joins a long and proud line of novelty gag gifts with questionable taste. It dresses up a beer can in prescription clothes.

Prescription Bottle Beer Holder
This would also work for soda cans, but then you'd be missing the point. Gadgets and Gear

I have a certain affinity for tacky novelty gifts. I used to peruse comic book ads offering untold delights such as X-ray specs, hand buzzers, and fake vomit.

The Prescription Bottle Beer Holder from Gadgets and Gear would fit right in with those tasteless gags. It's bound to be a hot joke gift among both frat boys and medical professionals.

This beer holder is simply a beer cozy designed to look like a big prescription bottle with instructions to take one can by mouth until intoxicated.

Sure, it's in questionable taste. It has more to do with gear than gadgets. It absolutely should not be taken as an invitation to mix drugs and alcohol.

So why am I writing about this? Just like with those old comic book ads, it seemed funny at the time. Maybe you can slap your iPod into it when it's not in use keeping your Schlitz cool.