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Prepare to pay big for Oculus Rift Touch controllers

There's good and bad news for fans anxiously awaiting the Touch controllers.


Oculus aims to release its motion-tracked Touch VR controllers later this year.

Josh Miller/CNET

Here's a dose of bittersweet news for Oculus Rift fans waiting to get their hands on the Oculus Touch controllers:

The good news is that you can now preorder them in the UK. The bad news is they're going to cost a lot more than you might have expected.

Reporter Nick Summers spotted a sign in a UK game store advertising an open preorder for the retail price of £190. That works out to about $250 stateside, although no official US pricing has been announced yet.

It's worth noting, however, the package will include a second camera sensor for motion-tracking, which will let gamers walk around the room to interact in a virtual environment, similar to the HTC Vive.

Oculus VR still hasn't specified the launch date for the Touch controllers, despite a shipment delay last year until the "second half of 2016."

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