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Prep with one hand tied behind your back

The Speed Prep Chef with Three Blades simplifies mealtime.

Easy prepping. Bed Bath & Beyond

Cooking is an active sport; some might say a contact sport. No matter if you are nimble on your feet in the kitchen or if you steam your way through like you're inside of a pressure cooker, one thing for certain is that when a chef is in his or her element, time races by. For the hungry, this can only be a good thing, but for those who appreciate the elegant dance of the kitchen, having a helping hand can make things go a lot smoother.

The Speed Prep Chef with Three Blades brings versatility and efficiency to the table. With the capability to slice, grate, and julienne, the prep tool is perfect for a variety of applications. The slicing, julienne, and grating blades all store away in an included case when not in use. More importantly, the easy-to-use kitchen gadget shines when in use by allowing for one-handed operation.

The entire contraption is top-shelf dishwasher-safe, adding an additional level of convenience. Considering how valuable having an extra hand in the kitchen can be, any prep tool that simplifies mealtime, while also being easy to clean up after, is a dance partner that is always welcome in the kitchen.