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preGame 57: Resistance 3; Dead Island

After a summer break, preGame is back with demos of Resistance 3 and Dead Island.

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preGame is back from the dead with two demos: Dead Island and Resistance 3. We return from our summer hiatus with an announcement on some recent changes that include the show moving to the end of the week and other things viewers can expect down the road.

The summer had its share of quality games and we summarize our past month of gaming with a few notables like Infamous 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Catherine.

Then we discuss some news regarding Nintendo's right thumbstick attachment announcement following a six months of lackluster 3DS sales. Max Payne fans can get excited for a release date on the third installment of the franchise set for next spring.

Finally, we get to our demo of Dead Island where we prove how being stranded on a deserted island with zombies and a boat oar can be a fun vacation. Resistance 3 is up next. Will the Chimeran force finally destroy the human race? Tune in to find out!

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