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preGame 49: Call of the Dead; PSN outages; L.A. Noire

preGame wraps up a huge week of gaming news including the PSN outages, L.A. Noire at the Tribeca Film Fesitval, the new Nintendo console, and Call of the Dead.

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What a week for video game news! As PSN outages continue to plague PlayStation 3s, Sony has finally declared the incident a "compromise of personal information" and a "malicious act." Does this mean our credit card info has been tossed into the Internet void? Nevermind that, we just want to be able to play Mortal Kombat online again.

Last night's Tribeca Film Festival screening of L.A. Noire marked the first time a video game was spotlighted at the big event. Jeff was there for the screening and Q&A that preceded; plus he'll give us some thoughts on an entire case he played a few weeks ago.

Since Nintendo has confirmed that the successor to the Wii will debut at E3 2011 and go on sale next year, we'll play an interesting voicemail that speculates on how players will interact with the new console.

Next it's on to our two game previews of the day. The first is the next DLC expansion pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops called Escalation. As usual, it includes new multiplayer maps, but this time we'll also be treated to Call of the Dead, a zombie grindhouse-themed mode that includes four horror celebrity likenesses! Escalation hits the Xbox 360 on May 3 for $15.

Finally, we'll screen the latest game play trailer for Sonic Generations, a new title from Sega that aims to encompass 20 years of Sonic gaming.

Congratulations to our Portal 2 hoodie contest winners Dave and Tanner! This week, we'll be giving away two pairs of Gunnar Glasses. Make sure you watch the whole episode to find out how you can win!

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