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Preening Facebook burglary suspect jailed

An 18-year-old Pittsburgh man lands in the slammer after allegedly robbing a market and then posting pictures of the loot on his Facebook page.

If you're short of a New Year's Resolution, here's one: I won't rob a place and then post pictures of the stuff I stole on Facebook.

This somewhat inspirational resolution comes to me on reading the story of a Pittsburgh man who, with three of his (perhaps Facebook) friends, allegedly robbed a local market.

Yes, the 18-year-old then posted pictures of some of the $8,000 worth of cash, candy and other items that teenagers love on his Facebook page, according to the police.

Oh, and he and his buddies (those others are all under 18) were said to be posing with the swag.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

As the Associated Press captures it, Isaiah Cutler was jailed after, well, the police miraculously caught up with him.

Were the the police already his Facebook friends? No, but there were quite a few friends and relatives (and their friends) who seemed rather alarmed that these pictures seemed to show that there had been, well, a burglary.

"They thought they could put [the pictures] out there for their friends who friended them on Facebook to see. But the one kid had 200 friends -- but not only were they friends, some of them were relatives who became concerned and called police," Detective Valerie Milie told the AP.

You see, that's what those pesky uncles and aunties are going to do -- they're going to tell on you.

So, please, all you would-be burglars, let's have no more preening and boasting on Facebook about your misdeeds. It doesn't reflect well on the profession.