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CNET asks: What will be the big hit at CES 2017?

The world's biggest consumer electronics show is here: CES 2017. And we have to ask you, which tech topic do you think will steal the overall show?

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What's a new year without kicking it off with the world's biggest tech show, CES 2017? CNET staff is already hunkering down at the show and will be bringing you the full coverage of the event right from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

While our staff is updating you with all the highlights, we'd like to ask you, which tech category do you think will steal the spotlight this year at CES? Will it be self-driving cars, augmented reality or maybe a new trick from Alexa?

Get your votes in on the poll and see if others agree with you. And if you feel we missed something in the poll options, chime in in the comments section and tell us what you think should be on the list.