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Pre-Prime Day deal: Full-size Echo speaker is just $50 (today only)

That's the lowest price ever.


Get the Echo speaker for cheap.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Prime Day is still a week away, but Amazon is already priming the pump with some big deals. The latest one is a whopping 50% off the current-generation Echo speaker. That means you can snag one for just $50 -- that's the lowest price since it was first released in October 2017, according to price tracker Camelcamelcamel.

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This price cut is for today only -- Sunday, July 7. And it applies to three of the four colors -- the walnut version costs $70 (still 30% off the list price). Will the Echo's price drop any further once Prime Day officially starts on Monday, July 15? It's anybody's guess, but it's hard to say you got a bad deal if you're getting half off a current-gen model.

That said, if $50 is too rich for your blood, the Echo Dot is also still on sale for just $25.

Expect a deluge of additional deals and teaser events -- like Wednesday's Taylor Swift concert -- as Amazon ratchets up the hype machine for next week's mega sale.

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