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Powncememe tracks hot Pownce activity for eye candy analysis

Powncememe pulls together odd or interesting items from Pownce and puts them on a single page.

One thing Pownce is still missing after opening up earlier this week is a public feed. While the creators have hand-picked a selection of mostly San Francisco socialites for everyone to view on its main page, there's not a simple way to pull together some of the hottest activity on the site short of tapping into the API. An enterprising developer Bryan Pearson has done just that, creating Powncememe, a site that rates people's Pownce messages based on various characteristics including user ratings, the number of recipients, and replies from other users. When combined it's a fun way to see what's interesting on the service as a whole, including pictures and links.

Compared to TechMeme, it's certainly not as advanced, as it won't clump together similar stories or show which Powncer has the most clout, but it's not a bad place to find new people to befriend. Pearson is still fine-tuning the algorithm, and Version 2.0, which is due out later this year, is being written entirely in Ruby on Rails.

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See interesting Pownce items, pulled together on one page (by robots). CNET Networks